It's been a while since I have been active on any form of social media or social connection for that matter. I dived into the abyss of algorithms since the end of March and have ocassionaly managed to see daylight. Its been almost two months since my last post, a lot has happened and a lot is going to, in this month. The blog has been lying dead for months, now its time for RESURRECTION.

Its April again. I celebrated our Maharashtrian New Year (Gudhipadwa) on 31st March, celebrated my 22nd birthday on 2nd April, and last but not least celebrated the launch of our start-up's first product 'Statiked' in the Mac App Store today, 7th April. It's been the most happening time of my life I guess. Too much excitment. For last 2 weeks my diet has totaly been consisted of pizzas, sandwichs, burgers and all sort of junk-food plus twice-a-day dose of fruit juices, its been a hell. I don't remember consuming this much of junk food in ages and still being able to focus.

Now as for my new found passion of algorithms, it has helped me in a lot of ways. I started waking up early and going to bed relatively early, sqeezing all the time from a day I can get to work on algorithms. And I must say I have benefited a lot from the regime. Did you know reducing sleeping hours by 2 hours a day makes you stay awake a month more in a year ?? This fun fact was enough to cut my sleeping hours. Never felt more fresh before. I have started more practice and focus on algos, have earned $150 in AWS credits in last 3 months through hackathons, nothing impressive, but still even a little progress is a sign that I am headed in the right direction. It has also helped me come up with better and efficient ideas in writing the template engine of our latest product. It's almost perfect, the recursive algorithms in it for finding and processing nested blocks, are some of the best lines of code I have ever written in my life, yet. It was almost like creating a new language, a small one.

In December '13 I started a side project, and now it has been assigned to me as a main project. I get to work on my own project, with complete autonomy, nothing can be better. But wait, it gets better. Last week we were having bug fixing days of our new product and we did spend most of our time sitting in conference room of our office and coding and watching 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Hannibal' on the big screen, and suddenly the hot afternoons here were converted into sheer delight with Sheldon Cooper's hilarious punches and Hannibal's unorthodox hunting, cooking and eating habbits. In the world of TV Series one more big event took place, 'How I met your mother' ended. I watched only the season finale of the last season and was happy with my decision of having stopped watching the series around season 5. On the other hand, new episodes of 'Hannibal' and 'Da Vinci's Demons' have got more and more intense, the suspense and thrill is imagination contaminating good, way more awesome than any other series currrently being aired.

This has been so far the best day of 2014. After a month of 'work hard' its time to 'party hard'. Almighty Five! Chintan out!