Yeah, yeah, I have started watching the Star Wars TV series and movie series once again. There is too much of Jedi wisdom in there, which I am in dire need of. I have lost my path master !!! The last few weeks, no lets say for past month, my schedule and plans have went off track. May be its the rains, or the weather, or 'The Cockroach Menace' due to onslaught of rains and my battle against them that has been a constant source of distraction. Alas, there is no Jedi way to deal with these monsoon insects, excuse for a life form, you gotta turn your dark side on and finish them all (Like General Grievous deals with the Republic clones). Too much Star Wars ? Nope, I passed that limit last week and created a new one !!!

Last month has been a blast !!! Started getting frequent meals from McDonald's, and the meals are happy indeed. Now instead of 'hello sir', I am greeted with a 'welcome back sir' there. Got tired of the fast food in home's and office's vicinty. Our team at Perleybrook Labs shipped our first product in the Mac App Store, Statiked, in April and an upgrade to it last month. This month we plan to release a major update for the same, with a sleek UI, simpler UX, wordpress puller and maybe some new themes. So stay tuned ! Currently I am designing the UI/UX part, and trying to make it as Yosemitey as possible (For the non-apple-geeks, Yosemite is the new version of OS X released by Apple a few days ago). For the first time I viewed the live-stream of Apple's WWDC and the excitement and joy was way beyond expectations, limitless indeed. Apple has managed to create new standards for the beauty of Flat-UIs, and has also managed to give developers a codegasm. Codegasm ? You ask me "WHAT IS THAT ?". Its an indescribable feeling that a developer gets when he witnesses the genesis of the programming language of his dreams. A language that declares semi-colons and indentations optional and provides type inference. Ladies and Gentelmen, that beauty is named 'Swift'.

Last month, I also got to put on a different hat at our start-up. I got to be an interviewer. The role is a powerful one, and with great power comes great responsibilty. Finding a Padawan that fits all requirements of the organization is a tough task, but fortunately the search ended in a short time and we were able to make a hire. When my colleague and I went to his college at Chengannur( Its a nice place in Kerala), I also had the luck of meeting some brilliant people and made some new friends. I am impressed by the entrepreneurial culture of the students here. Many of the students here have their own start-ups, and creative minds to see their ideas through. Really inspirational stuff !

I have also been hooked on to the '2048' game for the last month, and finally reached the 'the end', hopefully, unless any of my friends beat my highscore (*Grins). Also for some short amount of time experimented with the new editor (when I say editor, I mean text-editor and not a human entity) in town, Atom. Atom is an open-source editor by Github, its preety cool, but not as cool as Sublime Text. Downloaded the XCode beta release and fiddled with playground IDE for 'Swift', amazing stuff. Let's see what else. Yeah, the code-smuggler part. I managed to smuggle some code into an Australian University. AM A BADASS CODER !!! (If you read that last line in Samuel L. Jackson voice, you are awesome.)

Finally I have also been granted permission to work from home for almost 3 months, starting from the end of July. So can't wait to get back home. I miss home in monsoons. You realize theres no place like home, when there is no hot food waiting for you when you return after taking a bath in the rains and enjoying the thunder.

Now its almost 2:30 AM in the morning here, got to get up early tomorrow. Will be closing my eyes and counting sheeps. And if that doesn't put me to sleep , after the 100th sheep every sheep gets a headshot, so PETA supporters you better start praying for my sleep. What can I do? After Hannibal's awesome season finale, theres no more bloody horror on Friday nights. So, Laters ! Until the next post then.

May the force be with you !!!