I am sitting at my desk. Its 2:30 AM on 22nd January. Its officially winter here in Vadodara, and it is also raining cats and dogs with loud thunders. Expereincing best of both Winter and Monsoon, a better weather could not be asked for. I reached Vadodara on 10th Januray from Palakkad, on a leave to celebrate the Kite Festival, the only festival I celebrate, was planning to get back to Palakkad by 20th but luckily (as I always am), I got an extension. I am allowed to stay home till 2nd of February and work from the most comfortable spot on the planet, HOME.

I reached here on 10th, and was welcomed by the cold weather that I longed for. The Southern states are cold defficient, so these were the only days I could enjoy winters, here at home in Vadodara. Things haven't changed here much, its same old same old. As always I went to my Aunt's home to celebrate the Kite Festival along with bunch of visiting relatives. While celebrating festivals its always more the merrier, and so it was indeed. Enjoyed flying kites this time more than ever. After a long long time, the weather was perfect on 14th as well as on 15th for flying kites. Even the freaking direction of the wind was perfect. At night we flew lanterns. The sky was decorated with so many lanterns and crackers that one could gaze at it for hours, it was just awesome. To sum it up, I spent 14th and 15th flying kites, eating sweets, playing cards, flying lanterns, watching the night sky filled with lanterns and crackers and forgot to capture those moments in camera cause I was busy enjoying. I also cut loose all the connections to exteriror world for those 2 days, no internet no phone, and those were the best 2 days since I got here.

After an awesome Kite festival it was time to visit the Baroda Museum. One shouldn't miss this place while visiting the city. I refreshed my memory with all the artificats, scluptures and paintings in the museum. I also got to know that MS University here offers a course in "Renaissance Art", and the students are allowed to recreate the paintings in museum as an exercise. I am tempted to join that course, or atleast learn some of that, lets see what happens. The leave has ended as of 20th, and work has been started at full fledge. The visiting relatives have all left for their homes. Home feels a little empty now, but again thats perfect for work. Theres a different kind of freedom whilst working from home. And as I am visiting home for a short span, the royal treatment is quite pleasing.

Coming back home after 4 months, I realized that I have lost contact with few friends, increased contacts with few, and few others have left the country. I will be making ammends soon. Too many places are yet remaining to be visited here, and I plan to cross them all till 2nd. Leaving THE CITY is going to be much harder this time than ever before due to the weather, friends, home and the way the laundry here gets done by itself without my indulgence.

Its going to be LEGEN...'wait till 2nd of Feb'...DARY...LEGENDARY