Its 3:30 AM here in Palakkad, Kerala. The "WHOLE" city is deep asleep. I can hear the mosquitos buzzing in the next room. Yeah, its that quiet in here. But I, I am fully awake.

So in this quiet times, I have decided to write a blog from now on, whenever sleeplessness troubles me. Why? Well, I happen to be a great fan of Sherlock (the sentence doesn't make any sense. YET. But read on , it would soon fulfil its existense), and I was watching its Pilot episode 'A Study In Pink' where Watson's psychiatrist suggests him that writing a blog would improve his condition. I am about to give it a shot too, though I am not a war-hero dealing with a post-traumatic stress. The problem is, I just can't sleep.

So, let's rewind the tape back 5 months, to know exactly how a guy like me (an insomniac), ended up in a city like this (early to bed and early to rise type). Well its answer also lies in my habbit of sleeping late. I guess it was mid of July, college was over. Final semester's results were out, and I was still UNEMPLOYED. Why? I didn't believe in theory, and my past interviewers didn't believe in practical questions. Moving on, so I was sitting in my room, going through some online job portals and also I was looking to resolve some programming doubts on stackoverflow. It is then, when I discovered that stackoverflow too had a job listings. I came across a startup on the listings with an open position for Software Engineer-I. Its reindeer logo was the thing that really got my attention. It symbolized FUN.

I was half asleep I guess, because what I did next was not how I dealt with job postings usually. I sent a 4-5 line response to the e-mail mentioned in the link, with this resume link attached. You should really see the resume on this link, to understand what I did.

The next morning I woke up to a realization of having done something stupid. But then I thought, whats the worst that could happen ? A "NO" ? Will do, I have heard that a couple of times before. But to my surprise I had a mail in inbox saying "Thats a really cool resume, let me know when we can talk". Well that mail really made my day. I had chat with the Founder of "Perleybrook Labs LLC", the startup. He presented me with a coding challenge, which I happily accepted (Now that was the kind of interview I had been waiting for). I completed the challenge, got an offer, was flown from Baroda, Gujarat to Palakkad, Kerala at company's cost (First time I was having an airborne voyage, and it was free :D), had a great time, accepted the job offer, and now here I am (in Palakkad) writing this blog.

To the Sleeplessness responsible for some great times and this awesome job :D !!!