As of this hour I have completed reading Dan Brown's latest novel Inferno. I almost read remaining two-third of the book today, enjoyed it, visualized it, lived it inside my head. There cannot be a better way to start a New Year, feeding my imagintion with INFERNO, a happy meal indeed. This novel like most of Dan Brown's prior novels, presents as its main character, Robert Langdon, the Harvard symobologist.

The fun with reading Dan's novels is the way he writes them, with perfect blend of reality and imagination. I could clearly visualize the novel as a movie while I was reading it. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, Natallie Portman as Sienna Brooks, Hugo Weaving as Bertrand Zobrist (Straight from 'V for Vendetta', a chaotic Hero), Judi Dench as Sinskey, Tom Cruise as Provost. The novel also introduced me to some new terms like vector viruses, transhumanism and few other interesting terms which I am going to google extensively to learn about them.

Inferno also revolves around the true villain of population explosoin and how a 'mad' scientist goes around approaching this problem. The novel presents us with so much of valid facts and some of them being really thought provoking, is a real treat to readers in itself.

As of the title of this post, it is the way in which believers of transhumanism philosophy create code-names from themselves. Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. You should read the novel to dive in further, not only this one, but each of Dan Brown's novels if you haven't read them.

While reading the novel I also thought for some part, that the novel would follow the pattern of Dan Brown's prior novels, I almost even believed it for an hour of reading, and then was thrilled when I was proved wrong. A masterpiece. If you have read his novels, I hope you know what pattern I am talking about. I would rate this one as second favourite work of Dan Brown, "The lost Symbol" still remains my favourite.

Wish you guys a Happy New Year and may you find what you are looking for this year. I end this post with a fitting quote from Inferno

Seek and ye shall find.